You will need:

  • Clipboards, pencils and paper

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Module 2: Transport

Transport Survey

Transport Survey

This short fieldwork transport survey can be done very close to the school.

What to do:

Organise the pupils into pairs or groups of three and give them clipboards, pencils and paper. Demonstrate to the class how to record using tally diagrams. Briefly explain to the pupils that they will be undertaking a 10 minute transport survey and discuss with them what vehicles they might expect to see from the road outside the school. Pupils will make a list of suitable vehicles (eg cars, vans, lorries, bicycles) with space to record tallies.

Tell the pupils that as well as counting the vehicles, you would like them to count how many people are in the cars, and think about what kind of journeys are being taken (eg commuting, deliveries etc) Take the pupils onto a safe part of the pavement of a suitable bit of road very close to the school to undertake the survey. Back at school, discuss findings and record data on the board.lesson in recording different types of vehicle

Recording local school trafficKids having fun counting cars outside schooltally chart for county transport types