You will need:

  • Paper and Pencils

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Module 4: Buildings

Building Consequences

Building Consequences

This quick warm up game will allow pupils to design their own sustainable buildings in a fun way.

What to do:

Each child has a piece of paper and pencil. Explain that this is a game in which they will quickly design an eco house. This is just a warm-up game and the element of speed will add an element of fun and encourage them to think quickly. Ask each child to draw just the walls of their eco house (no roof, windows, doors etc) and clearly indicate what the walls are made of. Explain that the wall can have more than one layer, made of different materials. Give them just one or two minutes. Then they must pass their drawing on to the person sitting next to them. Now ask each child to add a roof to the walls that they have been given. Again a quick time limit, and again they must label what it’s made from. Pass it on again. Do the same, for windows, doors, and one turn for any extras to allow for creativity. Make a gallery of the drawings so that everyone can see. Discuss some of the common and more unusual features, but do not critique.