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Module 4: Buildings

Building Footprints

Building Footprints

This slide show demonstrates the sustainability issues behind a lot of the buildings we have in the UK.

What to do:

Use the images and text and the information below to discuss with pupils.

file_pptDownload the PowerPoint Slideshow: Building Footprints (2.19 MB)

There are two main points to draw from the slide show. One is that many of our modern building materials have a high embodied energy – this means the amount of energy that was used to manufacture the materials in the first place, before they even get built! The second point is that a lot of energy is wasted by the way we use buildings. Ask the children if they know what thermal vision goggles are – they will probably have seen them on programmes about the police, or wildlife programmes. Ask them to imagine wearing those goggles and looking at different buildings. How would they be able to tell which buildings weren’t insulated properly? There are many other energy saving measures for buildings – draft proofing, double glazing, thermostats. Discuss with the pupils how the school and the classroom they are in rates in terms of energy efficiency. What about the building materials?