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Module 4: Buildings

Eco Buildings

Eco Buildings

This slide show illustrates several types of eco buildings and eco refurbishments.

What to do:

Use the images and text and the information below to discuss with pupils.

file_pptDownload the PowerPoint Slideshow: Eco Buildings (4.2 MB)

The main points to draw out in the slide show are the range of opportunities we have to build with low embodied energy building materials. Anything that used to be plant material, whether it is timber, straw, or hemp, will also have a certain amount of CO2 sequestered in it. Before cement, concrete and steel became readily available due to cheap energy prices, most buildings were made from local materials. New buildings are exciting and important. But most of the buildings we will need by 2050 have already been built. So eco-refurbishment of existing building stock is just as important as new-build.