You will need:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Craft materials, paper, scissors, glue etc
  • Clear plastic (eg windows from processed food packaging, or old A4 clear plastic wallets)
  • A icon printed set of designs (687.54 kB) for photovoltaic panels, solar water heating panels, tiles etc

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Module 4: Buildings

Build it Yourself!

Build it Yourself!

This is a practical group activity for pupils to design and make their own model eco buildings out of boxes.

What to do:

Now the children have the opportunity to apply what they have learned, by designing and building their own houses. How much time you want to spend on the project will determine how much time you give them for designing their buildings and collecting materials. It is possible to do this activity quickly, by skipping the design phase and giving them only pre-prepared materials. Or you may want to extend the activity into a much longer project where the pupils are encouraged to be creative and resourceful in designing and making their own materials. The pupils can either work as individuals, in pairs, or small groups.

You will need a collection of cardboard boxes to form the main structure. (The kind of boxes that A4 paper comes in, for example). You will also need a pile of extras that it will be useful to have assembled in advance from re-used scrap materials. Flat sheets of clear plastic can be used as glazing. Bubble wrap can be used as insulation, but you can also get hold of real insulation such as sheeps wool, for example. You can provide sheets of printed out materials such as photovoltaic panels, turf roofs, or solar water heating panels for the pupils to cut out and stick to their buildings:

Print out of photovoltaic panels, solar water heating and rammed earth eco building materials

icon Build it yourself - sheets of printed out materials (687.54 kB)

Much of the decoration they will want to add themselves. There should be no limit to their creativity, but encourage them to incorporate what they have learned. The pupils should be able to describe how they have accounted for:

building a model eco house kids game