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Module 7: Think Global, Act Local

The Sustainable Regional Plan

The Sustainable Regional Plan

Pupils collate the work on regional planning in previous lessons, to create a comprehensive sustainable plan for the region.

What to do:

This is the last session in the project, and so an opportunity for the pupils to consolidate their planning. Every week, they should have been developing theme related plans, for transport, food, buildings, energy, and ‘stuff’. Take this opportunity to finish off any work which needs completing, and then discuss with the pupils how these plans need to be pulled together.

Depending on your priorities and requests as a teacher, you may have regional plans in written format only, as photographs, idea maps, or physical models. This is an ideal opportunity to collate this work. Ask the pupils how best to do this, and encourage them to work up some context – do they need an accompanying introduction and summary to their work? How will people they are presenting it to make sense of the plans? It would be very useful to invite some councillors, town planners, assembly members and other related officials with responsibility to view their work. If this is not possible, could the pupils visit their council offices to present it? Can they send a report to the Welsh Assembly Government? To Westminster?