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Module 7: Think Global, Act Local

Sharing the Project

Sharing the Project

Pupils decide how to communicate what they have learned to a wider audience.

What to do:

Discuss with the pupils what materials they have developed over the course of the project, and discuss whether it would be useful to share what they have learned. Do they think they can motivate others to live more sustainably? Who would it be useful to share their project with? Make up a list of people, including media, council, government, planners, parents and families, school staff etc. Ask them what kind of approach would work best to share their work. In addition to the sustainable regional plans, pupils should have been reporting on what they have learned each week in a media of their choice. They may also have an abundance of photo diaries, models, recorded interviews, written work etc.

Ask them to develop a strategy for sharing. They may wish to write a whole school assembly. They may wish to hold an open evening for parents and other stakeholders. They may decide that they want to take their message to the Welsh Assembly Government, and report it to the wider media, or hold a conference to share their work with other schools. This could be part of transition work between Y7 and 8. If both year groups have completed the project, arrange a day to share their work with each other. Or present their work to 6th formers or university students, who could be involved in disseminating the key messages more widely.